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Hakkında: Joyeyou Aluminum insulation curtain shading made of 4mm wide by high strength polyester yarn(FDY)woven, knitted structures special prompted the sufficient water vapor through the curtain, prevent the lower sunshade curtain down, light resources can be used as far as possible.
Functions: energy-saving insulation moisturizing, sun reflecting, control of light
Shade rate:50%,65%,75%,80%(transparent screen),85%,99%
Features: transparent, soft, easy to fold
Regular width is 4.3m and 5.3m,other width can be customized according to customer requirements
Usage life is at least 5 years

1.What's the difference between aluminum foil net and normal black shade net?
Because of superior reflect ability and lightweight of Aluminum foil net, it is the ideal netting to cover the outside of a greenhouse instead of standard black shade cloth;
It does not absorb the heat. Its dual functionality both shades and cools the greenhouse.
Much lighter in weight than standard shade cloth, Aluminum foil net is easy and quick to install.
It plays an important role in growing plants.
In summer, it lows the temperature by reflecting light and protects plants from insects.
In winter, it maintains the temperature and good air permeability.
It improves the light condition thus make itself your ideal choice for growing plants.
It has a bright market potential.
2.Which product your factory produce in addition to Aluminet shade cloth?
Our factory also produce, greenhouse shade net, shade sail, ,anti hail net,anti bird net,anti insect net, these production can be customized according customer's requirement.
3.Can you custom various size for me?
Yes, we can custom any size as you need.
4.Can you offer sample for me?
Yes, we can offer free sample for checking quality!Agricultural Netting suppliers
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